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Many businesses in Ireland struggle to get proper identity which represents their character and it is appeasing to their customers. This is due to balancing cost of the high profile branding companies which make their identity properly with the low quality, and many times unprofessional designs of a cheap logo maker site and/or program. Mostly decisions made under the duress of financial constraints. Brand Forge is a solution for this dilemma, because it is dedicated to small businesses with affordable prices, but delivers quality design.


Be online!

Businesses cannot survive without web presence in the modern world. If you do not have a website your business essentially losing 70% of its customers. Also nowadays you need to be present with an appealing website. Customers click away instantly from an ugly one. Brand Forge is not only makes you a tailor made one, but matches with your business identity, so your business looks the same online and everywhere else. We keep in mind that the look of your website is the face of your business to the customers. Who wouldn't want to look attractive?


Be recognised!

As technology shifting advertisements from paper to digital, ads need to be more flexible and more focused than ever. Consistency in an ad campaign is a must and customers expect quality images with the most important information. This is even more true with businesses with lesser reputation. Your small business has to have a lasting impression on the potential customers and Brand Forge can provide this to you on affordable prices.


Be social!

Social Media has been used so widely today, that it is considered a game changer in the world of economy. Many small businesses did not recognise the huge potential of Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter or other medias. Being present on these gives your business an easy access to many of your customers and makes communication, feedback and answering demands much easier. With the help of Brand Forge your presence in social media is not only be long lasting, but in line with your identity and can have a clear message to your customers what your business can provide them.

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Be constant!

In an ever changing world your website or your social media account cannot stay the same forever. It needs to be constantly updated, renewed and revamped to look fresh and to keep up interest. Brand Forge offers various levels of attention on a regular schedule, and for affordable prices keeps your web presence alive infinitely.


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An affordable, personalised branding solution, which makes your business instantly recognisable in every aspect of your identity. Your "one stop shop" solution for all your brand related problems.

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Nowadays many larger company tends to forget, that all started as a small business. They forget how hard to get new customers at first, and how expensive is to have a successful launch. You are new to the market and your product or service is not well-known. Many fail to recognise, that the face of the business is a prime reason customers choose you over your competitors. No matter how awesome your product or service is, without looking good as well, failure is very likely.


As the founder of Brand Forge Thomas Toth recognised this early in his career. It doesn’t matter how good the provided service is, potential customers turn elsewhere. This is due to the presentation of the business isn’t good enough. When he had a chance to work in a high-profile ICT company, saw how much branding influences customers and business decisions. He saw, that small companies in Ireland could shape the economy, if they have access to quality branding service. Years of education in design and digital media gave him the background. Years of experience in project management and research supported it. He thought: small enterprises need a business made to support and work for them. Such enterprises, which cannot afford to pay for services of a high-profile branding company.


As the motto says: “a one-stop-shop for all your design needs.” This reflects that all services you need for your promotion we can offer with one contract. We offer services to start-ups, sole traders and small companies. Ones wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford a good identity for themselves. Brand Forge commits to focus on small businesses, providing them a full range of design services at an affordable price.

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