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The “one stop shop” experience

one stop shop experience

One stop shop experience

What is the one stop shop experience? Let’s say you go shopping for a dinner. You can go to the local groceries to buy the vegetables, butcher to buy meat (unless you make a vegetarian meal), the local seller of the spices, and of course you need some extra bits from the corner shop. Or you go to the supermarket at the edge of the town.

Many choose the later because they get similar quality (many supermarket has a butcher, a grocery section or spice section), but they can have everything in one go, so they can have a much quicker overview what they bought. What if the spice you bought actually doesn’t go with the meat? Or the vegetables are not enough? Or you may need something you forgot and came to mind in the last moment? With a supermarket – the choice of most – it is easy to amend these problems. This is the “one-stop-shop” experience. You can see everything together and have a clear overview what you want to achieve.

This is true with design services even more so. You go for your website to a web designer. For you social media and advertisements a marketing expert, for printing, a printing business, for branding, a graphic designer. All good, but…

…but, you will have many visions, many bills and many approaches. What if the marketing expert has a different idea than the graphic designer? What if the printing design has nothing in common with the website or you adverts? You are the only one sees everything together, but you are not always expert on design. Your job is making coffee, selling parts for boats or fixing cars. Your solution is the one-stop-shop design. One expert, like Brand Forge has an overall vision, attention to every bit of detail, and you do not have to bother with other than approve if you like it. You know it’s done in a professional manner, you got transparency, and advice what and how to do. And do not forget the single bill.

Brand Forge offers this overview, expertise and single bill.  

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