Brand design for your business is like your face for you. It is what people see first and judge you by its appearance. If you are unshaved or without some form of make-up, dirty and your hair is shabby, you will be judged differently when you show style, uniqueness and attractiveness. In business you have to be attractive and have to be unique, so people – your customers – will remember you. Brand Forge is like your business’ stylist: it will make you look good in the eyes of your customers, attractive and they will remember you long after you conducted business with them. In short: you will be more successful. Brand Forge offer full range of branding services for your business. Branding can be broken down to various services, and their pricing are added together to get the final price.

Logo design

The most important part of your identity is your logo. The logo gives your customers an easy identification, and the quicker you recognise them the better. Unfortunately nowadays many web services offer quick, cheap logos, but these are overwhelmingly bland, and meaningless and do not reflect the business they are picked for. Also their quality is low, and not flexible. Brand Forge is quite the opposite of this. We thoroughly research your business and your competition to create the most appealing and most appropriate representation of you. Most logo design prices are in the range of €75 to €500. This hugely depends on the time and research put into the design; the more invested in the logo the more successful becomes on the market. For specific pricing please contact us.

Name, motto, colours and more

motto is important

Sometimes the christening of your business is very hard, and requires a lot of effort especially if you want to be unique and successful in your trade. Brand Forge not only offers to find a suitable and unique name for you, but offers to find other branding qualities as well: a well sounding motto, your company colours and all characteristics which makes your business stand out of the crowd. You will not only stand-out in your trade, but be attractive as well, so your customers will remember you and your excellent services, and make you the one, who they recommend the most. These services’ prices depend on many factors, but mostly in the range of €55 (singular service, e.g. only name or motto) to €350 for the full range you require.

Tone, style and unified voice

character of a brand

Many business forgets that companies in almost every industry needs a specific tone or style to be attractive to their customers. You cannot sell high-tech products with groceries (but who knows!), and vice versa. You need a special way to sell your product or service so people instantly recognise your business, when you communicate. Brand Forge researches your market to create the style sells most and the tone most attractive to your potential customers. Also Brand Forge creates a unified look and voice for your business so every part of your business looks the same recognisable and unique entity that your customers love and willing to recommend. Finding your tone is not easy, and needs lots of research, so pricing reflects that: it ranges from €25 to €250. Depending on the need of services and the size of the market.

Web design

When you decide to create a website (or you already have one which doesn’t work well), you have countless services to turn to. Brand Forge offers one, very important thing different: your website will be fitting in your brand flawlessly. While there are many web design companies to turn to, Brand Forge makes a tailor-made design, which perfectly reflects your business needs, involve you in every aspect of the process, and make a website as low cost and as easy to maintain as possible. It is your choice how much you want to be involved with, and your decision what you need in it. Your website, your choices, your involvement. Brand Forge wants you to think the website as your creation not ours. We only provide the technical background The price for design has a range between €350-€1700 depending on the number of pages, complexity of the design, use of templates and other factors detailed below.

Web platforms (Content Management Systems)

One of the most important question we ask our clients, that what is the purpose of the website. Sounds obvious, but it is a surprisingly hard question. Purpose sets the type of platform used, the involvement of the user and of course the possibilities to pass the business’ ethos and products. Choosing a content management system is similar to choosing a car: speed, comfort, possibility for upgrade and cost of maintenance are all to be considered. Brand Forge has a few standard options by default, but we are always open to any platform chosen by the customer. With choosing the CMS-s in many cases the choice of hosting is determined as well. We are opened to any individual request though, as many client has earlier subscriptions, which may they do not want to drop for their own reasons. The choice of platform also affects the price of the design. Some platforms are genuinely easier to work with, therefore the price is significantly lower. This usually means less choice though. Different choices can affect the base price between 10-30%.


Static, dynamic, e-commerce

The purpose of a website defines the way the pages are created. This can make websites extremely complicated with a single decision.

  • Static websites are mostly for convey information and awareness. These websites are enough for 80% of the small businesses, as they have no wide range of products and do not aim to be constantly changing their agenda. Static websites are the least complex and few are more than ten pages, so they – unless they are unusually complex – tend to be the least expensive and can be built bit by bit. Brand Forge offers variable ways to make the website affordable to any business.
  • Dynamic websites regularly update and many times it is connected with other online websites and applications. Most dynamic website’s major function is giving news and inform about current events. Dynamic websites tend to be complex and use a lot of background computing. This means, that they need more attention and constant update and maintenance. They are significantly more expensive, but Brand Forge offers a range of methods to reduce their launch cost. Also offers web maintenance packages on a monthly basis.
  • E-commerce websites are the most complicated ones. They need to be up-to-date in stock, prices and the discounts of the shop, and which products they sell online. They can be hundreds of pages long or exclusively dynamic with an ever changing page included. E-commerce websites are complex and prone to going wrong if it is not constantly overviewed. These websites are expensive and recommended only if the upkeep cost is worth for the client. Brand Forge offers different solutions this, but if e-commerce website is the client’s choice, they should consider that they need to invest in it. E-Commerce websites are the most expensive type of websites, rarely cheaper than a €1000.
website types, static vs dynamic

Design principles

Brand Forge is using all the basic design principles while creating your website. The term design is not only meant web design, but all general design principles are implemented. With us your website will be up to date, responsive and simple. We do not add extra costs for “flashy” animations or “cool” widgets if your website do not need them. Brand Forge is not making a website as you want (but of course we take into account all your wishes), we make it as you need it.

Advertisement, online and printed

advertising online is a way to go

Without promotion very few businesses survive. Here in Ireland there is the mouth-to-mouth tradition that all businesses take advantage of. But what if you are unknown in the market? You advertise your products/services. Brand Forge can help you just that. We cover the Internet and paper ads as well. We gladly design your ad going in the local paper, and your customers group in Facebook. Doesn’t matter that flyers or web banners you advertise in, Brand Forge helps you to create a unified and appealing advertisement which attracts visitors and customers. A single advertisement image or price list cost individually €25, but if you order a range of images or seasonal ads you can expect bulk pricing. The price slightly can change depending where the advert goes.

Web ads

web banner ads

Web ads usually go as side or banner ads in different websites. All you need to know, that where you want to advertise. Web ads can be quite effective if you are willing to investing, because if your target market is visiting those advertisement pages your ad will catch their eye. Web ads usually simple in execution doesn’t add any extra to the base price. The situation is different in case you want an animation or video ad. These increase the price 30-70%, depending on the quality of the animation and the platform needed to use.

Flyers, business cards

flyer templates

Flyers are everywhere. Though it is less and less effective some groups of customers are more willing to give your business a chance if they are on paper or give crucial information, to lead to decision. Flyers can be small (third of a page) or large (posters), depending on the form Brand Forge can create an appealing flyer for you which is synchronous with your brand and gives the reader an instant picture what your business is about. The price range can change depending on the size and the flexibility of the flyer (the same design can be adapted to various size if necessary) which is adding an extra 5-25% to the cost.

Merchandise design

merch of all kinds

Every company likes when people spread the word of their excellence. Nothing is better than merchandise to keep our business’ identity in people’s minds. Merchandise can be pen, notebook, but it can be T-Shirt or hat as well as mugs or mousepads. All they have in common, that they represent your business and anybody who use them, have a constant reminder that how your business gave them an excellent service. Despite the idea looks simplistic, each item needs different type of design and approach how they look and what they show. You have to design a different look to a pen and a different look to a T-shirt. At Brand Forge no matter what the medium is, we find you a solution, which makes these items last long and their owner are actually proud to wear or use them. Design prices start at €25 for a single item up to €250 for multiple ones.

Social Media

Social Media is in our everyday life. It is like cars, Netflix or our everyday snack we love. It is indispensable to reach your customers and communicate with them easily and comfortably. Many businesses do not open social media accounts, because they do not know or interested in Facebook, Google plus or Twitter. And they losing customers because of it. Either you feel uncomfortable or dislike to social media, Brand Forge offers a range of services to look after, educate or maintain attention your social media presence. We love to make you more customers, we would like to see you prosper. A social media is one of the most effective way to do it. Brand Forge offer different packages to look after your account (see lower in the page), and gladly consult (see consultation) with you about its usage.

million ways social media works

Social media presence

It is not enough just to set up your social media page. You have to keep it alive too. Nothing is more appaling, than a social media account, which haven’t posted in months, or even years. Brand Forge looks after your pages and posts regularly so the customers interest is always up and they want you to post more. (Packages below.)

facebook page description

Social media ads

Nowadays the easiest to advertise in social media. Facebook, Google Plus, Instagram, LinkedIn all have a huge potential to make people aware of your business. People can be easily accessed and a good ad or post can attract many customers. But a bad one can just as easily repel as much. Brand Forge helps you to make those that attract and help you to filter those that are not. Social media ads have certain characteristics you have to follow and you can tell as much as you show. The price of a social media ad is the same as any other media, but if you want a precise text to accompany it the price can increase about 10%.

Web maintenance

websites not maintained regularly

Web maintenance is very different from design. We do not create new content, but keeping the current one up-to date and relevant. This includes updates in the code, new posts on social media and of course any technical error which needs fixing.

Website update, restore, renew

old vs new website

Time to time your website needs updating and refreshing, because the Internet is changing continuously and if you do not keep yourself up-to-date, your website – and with it your hard work – will be outdated real soon and will be lost in the dept of the online cemetery of outdated websites. Sometimes you just fancy to be seasonal or simply want to change the look of your business, be fashionable. And sometimes you need to renew entirely to keep up with your competition. Brand Forge has suitable packages (see the page below), which are affordable to any business and serves them in the right way to keep the website always active.


what is consultation what to ask

Brand Forge is all about giving you information. But as they say: knowledge is power and it has its price. We give you all information you need, but this has a certain price. With Brand Forge each hour professional talk is €55, but the first initial meeting is free when we get to know each other.

Web maintenance packages

Brand Forge offers packages on a monthly basis, where each package has a certain amount of attention to your business is dedicated each month. The attention means checks on the websites, any updates necessary, possible new content given by the client put up and of course continuous monthly report about the status of your online presence. Every report is detailed regarding results and things done to further your business goals. Also this attention is dedicates time to social media, tweaking accounts, posting, advertising or in certain cases commenting and messaging in your business’ name. Social media activity is reported monthly in the same fashion as web maintenance.
The exact amount can be reviewed below:




1 Single Overview Report

4 updates

6 dedicated hours

1 Social media account setup and management

4 social media activity

Weekdays business hours access

Basic Support




2 Dedicated Report

8 updates

12 dedicated hours

2 Social media account setup and management

6 social media activity

Six days business hours access

Premium Support




2 or more Dedicated Report

Daily updates

25 dedicated hours

4 Social media account setup and management

Business hours social media activity

All week business hours access

Business Support




Full dedicated Report

Unlimited Updates

60+ dedicated hour

Unlimited Social media account setup and management

Unlimited social media activity

24 hour access

Dedicated Support