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Mobile optimisation and GDPR compliance is given

In this day and age mobile optimalisation should be part of every website’s identity.  Also, don’t worry about the legal coverage regarding the EU Regulation, we cover you included in the price.


Brand Design

Branding for a company is like make-up for a human face. You are not necessary need it, but you can go far with even a little bit of effort. We can build, renew, enhance yours. Let us help you with your “make-up”!



Are you confused with the magical properties of SEO? Want to be on the first page on Google searches regarding your service or product? We can make it happen and we even explain how you can do it if you wish!


Web Design

Today, everybody can make a website. But to make that website attractive, visited and effective in your business, needs a deft hand. Let us help you! Now we can help you with the Trading Online Voucher too!


Your new web presence will be fully equipped for present day’s fast paced information highway

We create mobile optimised, modern, responsive, interactive and pleasing websites. We can make your advertisements, help with social media and make a brand everyone remembers!


We help you tackle the website’s SEO

Most people heard of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), but very few truly understands how it works, and even fewer can manipulate it to gain for their business. We can help you find the right way to create or change yours, and we guarantee the results you wish to achieve.


Product photography on site

Brand Forge can help you to make your products in your shop, on a professional level, so you can sell online exactly the same thing as it is in your shop. No need to organise an expensive photo shoot, no need to move your products. Anything sma

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What Our Clients Say

We always aim to satisfy our customers, and at the same time give them what they need to be successful. Here are some feedback:

“Thomas was instrumental to set the successful profile which gave us the edge in a fierce competitive business. His work gives us an easily recognisable face, which attracts more and more customers every day.”

CEO @ Skinnytrans

“Thomas is invaluable help to any business which wants to be present online. He’s not only has great taste in design, but he can guide you through the process and beyond. I definitely recommend him to other companies. Thanks for the good work.”

proprietor of Green Wizard

“Thomas helped to create our vision for the school’s website and gave us a platform which is easy to use and edit on our technical skills. He redesigned our very outdated website in a weekend! Thanks so much!”

Principal @ St. Laurence’s

“Thomas had the patience and professionalism to build our website ground up, he made our product images and he tought us how to use it on a daily basis. Without him we wouldn’t have a website at all.”

PRoprietor of Wicklow wine company