Why your choice to hire a web designer can change your business for the better

Your business sometimes needs more than your abilities

From a web designer it sounds like self appraising but it is really not. In my opinion everybody can build nowadays a website. The current technology and the different platforms make it very easy. To be honest, with some attention there are very few aspects of web design which needs a professional. As the current Irish online businesses show many think so. But one thing is to build a website, a very different thing to build a proper, good looking website. Admit or not most people has a specific taste, which not always appeals to their customer base. Not to mention, that you can design the website that looks well for you and also very bad to others. When it is designed bad it can have a repulsive effect instead of attracting one. Not all of us have design sense.

So when you hire a web designer/developer you spend money on something that you don’t have, at least have not most of the time. Web designers provide that extra knowledge, sense and experience that you might lack to build a proper functioning and aesthetic website. 

So why do you need a web designer?

A well designed website (which entails balance, easy to use principle, colours and generally how easy on the eyes) can boost your business a lot more than you think. Most people, who might never heard of your business before looks up in the internet and finds those, who are actually online. Most of the time they pick who has a good looking website, and tend to order from those, who facilitate the best those orders. Without a professional SEO setup your website is just sitting on the web and do no good to you. Without a proper website (with good content) google doesn’t pick you up. People want good content. And sometimes you need a web designer to create good content.

Every web designer (who is actually want to work with you, I have heard stories that tells otherwise) involves you of the website design in some form. They discuss with you the potential solutions for each of your needs and wants. My aim is to teach you to solve these problems. If you are willing to listen, I give you control of the process (or project) instead of having everything in my hand. Each decision is yours, and we are in constant contact until the project is done.

You dream it, I will make it happen, and advise if necessary.

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