Shout out post: Green Wizard

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Shout out post: Green Wizard

18/04/2018 Shout out 0
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First Shout Out post

Shout out time. When I started this blog I made myself a promise, that I give a shout out for local businesses to promote them. They are may not be my clients, but regardless they have something to offer and you miss out if you do not try their services or products. The only rule for my candidates are that they are local (work and live in County Wicklow) and they are not well known for one reason or another. Here is the first shout out and he is a well deserve it. First and foremost, I worked on Green Wizard’s online presence, so I have investment in his success… 🙂

Second the Green Wizard is an amazing horticulturist. He had done our previous garden and our current one is in the works. Green Wizard has a lot of artistic insights and no wonder that his motto has an artistic reflection to it: “Gardening is the art that uses flowers and plants as paint, and the soil and sky as canvas” (it is a quote from Elizabeth Murray, american painter). He takes this quote to the heart. Green Wizard – unlike many of his competitors -, thinks of the garden in years instead of the instant look. When he plans and plants he considers how it will look in 5 years time, and works for the years to come. He designs gardens, he builds gardens and he maintains them. He is a one man army. Try him:

Green Wizard Gardening Services


Phone: (087)7919560

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