About the Forge

Your "one-stop-shop" for all your design needs


As the motto says: “a one-stop-shop for all your design needs.” This reflects that all services you need for your promotion we can offer with one contract. We offer services to start-ups, sole traders and small companies. Ones wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford a good identity for themselves. Brand Forge commits to focus on small businesses, providing them a full range of design services at an affordable price.


Nowadays many larger company tends to forget, that all of them started as a small business. They forget how hard to get new customers at first, and how expensive is to have a successful launch. You are new to the market and your product or service is not well-known. Many fail to recognise, that the face of the business is a prime reason customers choose them over their competitors. No matter how awesome their product or service is, without a good look, failure is very likely.


As the founder of Brand Forge Thomas Toth recognised this early in his career. It doesn’t matter how good the provided service is, potential customers turn elsewhere. This is due to the presentation of the business isn’t good enough. When he had a chance to work in a high-profile ICT company, saw how much branding influences customers and business decisions. He saw, that small companies in Ireland could shape the economy, if they have access to quality branding service. Years of education in design and digital media gave him the background. Years of experience in project management and research supported it. He thought: small enterprises need a business made to support and work for them. Such enterprises, which cannot afford to pay for services of a high-profile branding company.