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investment instead of cost

Expense or investment?

Is branding an investment? When you talk about the importance of branding or web presence most people consider it an expense. I think they are wrong because it is more of an investment. Why? Most of the time I talk with people about costs, the common reaction regarding design services (most importantly regarding branding and…
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four image process of a garden postcard style

Shout out post: Green Wizard

First Shout Out post Shout out time. When I started this blog I made myself a promise, that I give a shout out for local businesses to promote them. They are may not be my clients, but regardless they have something to offer and you miss out if you do not try their services or…
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Why your choice to hire a web designer can change your business for the better

Your business sometimes needs more than your abilities From a web designer it sounds like self appraising but it is really not. In my opinion everybody can build nowadays a website. The current technology and the different platforms make it very easy. To be honest, with some attention there are very few aspects of web…
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why prices are not clear in design

Why most designers do not put up exact prices of their work?

Prices are changing as the needs change As with most services, customers expect designers work with set prices and previously built pricelists what they can pick from. And they totally right to do so. When you go to a shop and order a coffee, it says at front, that the coffee is x amount and…
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one stop shop experience

The “one stop shop” experience

One stop shop experience What is the one stop shop experience? Let’s say you go shopping for a dinner. You can go to the local groceries to buy the vegetables, butcher to buy meat (unless you make a vegetarian meal), the local seller of the spices, and of course you need some extra bits from…
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why we need branding

The why question everybody asks

Branding is important When talking with any small business owner, very few actually feels the need to have a brand. Most of the times start-ups and sole traders consider branding as a thing for big companies, or unnecessary for being successful, or simply a waste of money. Understandably so. Branding is expensive and on the…
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welcom to forge blog

Welcome to Forge Blog

Welcome I would like to welcome you on my blog. Why this blog is written in the first place? I always loved to write. It gave me some kind of satisfaction – to give my thoughts properly, to share knowledge or information – no other way of self-expression could give. I love to read as…
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